Did you remember that iconic piece “Bandana” with its vibrant, retro pattern from the ‘80s? Reinventing Bandana prints in everyday style; we bring back those playful senses of pattern into our latest collection, “Reminiscentia.”

    As the name implies, “Reminiscentia” is a tribute to previous decades that had a significant impact on today’s popular culture—fashion included, with that big headband and slayer as everyone’s go-to pieces to complement their everyday outfits.

    This collection brings back pieces in the form of an iconic bandana pattern in an everyday way as our main prints are in navy, orange, and grey. A gender- neutral print, this reworked classic is one of the highlights of the collection that is set to influence casualwear and timeless patterns due to its broad appeal and adaptability. Effortless pieces with vibrant colors and unique patterns make it more fun to mix and match each style.

    Consistent with our commitment to the Earth, we use surplus fabrics and cotton Tencel for this collection as our way to be responsible in sourcing the materials with different scales, garment shapes, or detailing and trims when combined.

    Throwback yourself to the ‘80s with our gender- neutral prints on crop tops, shirts, and dresses, as well as pants and skirts, and revisit the past through our lively pieces that will make a stunning look for your everyday style.

    Enjoy the throwback, and feel the joy of wearing it!