FAQ everyday Dropbox

What will everyday do with all the preloved clothes?

Every clothes that we receive will be sorted and used as our source material for Rework by everyday

Do you accept all kind of clothes?

To optimize the upcycling process of your donation, we accept any kind of clothing except underwears, swimsuits, and T-Shirts. 

What kind material do you accept?

We accept clothes that are made of linen, cotton, rayon, denim, wool, leather, fleece and flannel. We do not accept clothes that are made from latex, spandex, jersey, or clothes that are significantly stained.

Do you accept other preloved items aside from clothings?

For a start, we are yet to accept other preloved items aside from clothing (blouses, dresses, pants, etc). At the time, we are focusing ourselves to upcycle your preloved items into new piece unique clothings.

How can I donate?

Donate your clothes by handing them in person to our team at everyday’s Pop-Up Store at Senayan City and get a special rewards for our team.