Dropbox Initiative

At everyday, we are serious about progress. We understand that circularity is a long road to achieve. That is why from the very beginning we started to paved the way to realize the circular business ecosystem step by step. It begins with how we resource our material.
Our first exploration is by utilizing the surplus fabrics that otherwise would have been destroyed. Now, we are extending our reach by gathering your preloved items and using them as our alternative source materials.
We realize that with every new releases we are contributing to the disposing of the older clothings. Yet, we believe that clothes and fabrics shouldn't go to waste in vain as those could be upcycled into something unique and valuable.
One person's trash is another person's treasure. We hold this wise words by hearts. That is why to make sure that our business practices are more responsible, we are accepting your preloved clothes and breath them a new life.

Don't waste, donate. Read the FAQ here.