A Mystical Garden

A Mystical Garden

everyday is welcoming you into Mystical Garden. This is a world of tranquility to recharge your spirit amid the hectic urban life.

To bring this collection to life we are once again working with Alayka Seputra to develop the prints. Inspired by bioluminescent flowers and species of flowers that had unique features. She is reimagining these flowers’ features and colors, mixing and deconstructing them.

This process resulted in forms of flowers that are not usually sold or known in the mainstream media so people could appreciate a wider range of beauty.

As enchanting as the title suggests, we present you with an array of vibrant pieces to be your latest everyday wear staples.

Versatility and durability are still two key elements of our latest collection, consistent with our core value to optimize the clothes' lifespan and optimizing each fabric used.

Mystical Garden is our celebration of life. Our way to express joie de vivre. Expect playful silhouettes and easy pieces with understated statements.

Just like slices of life, the collection is colorful. Made to represent each individual character as well as be worn for many occasions.

For the material we keep using a more responsible choice such as rayon, linen, and cotton. Yet, we are also exploring new material and developing our new knit wear collection.

A Step Forward to Produce More Responsibly

We have a great concern about fabric waste. This waste comes in different forms: little cutouts, leftover, and also surplus fabrics. After exploring a way to repurpose leftover fabrics as #everydayaccessories, now we are trying to optimize the use of fabric on larger scale by choosing surplus fabric as our main source material.

For this collection 70% of our material is made of perfectly usable surplus fabric from factories that otherwise would have been destroyed. This is of course still a small step, but this is a step forward to produce more responsibly and realize the circular ecosystem for our production.

Our challenge ahead is to reduce the use of new fabric until fully use the surplus fabric as our source material. It’s a long way to go — an exciting way that is! —so we keep working and experimenting to manifest everyday’s vision of a full circular business in fashion.


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