Shape of Us — A Story Behind Capsule Collection 2022

Shape of Us — A Story Behind Capsule Collection 2022

We shape our buildings; therefore, they shape us.” 

everyday is back with a new collection. This time, we took inspiration from our surroundings in the city. The shapes, the forms, the volumes that build our day-to-day life. From the skyscrapers in the city center to the train stations. From the modern grid of the business district to each block of residences that breathe life to our beloved city. 

We translate those inspirations into our new prints and silhouettes for the capsule collection “Shape & Form”. When we think about urban living, there is a certain repetition and rigidity amid its colorful and vibrant life of the people. 
That is why we are taking square shape as the main feature of the patterns. It is a basic shape that built the city. It is found everywhere. It is the essence that shapes our life in the city.  

To balance that, we add vibrant colors for the patterns to represent the colorful and unexpected nature of urban life. 

For the silhouette, we are still sticking to our basic-with-a-twist philosophy. Hence, expect a clean and minimal silhouette that will be perfect for your everyday wear. Yet the looks are still daring with our new bold patterns, Roja & Akira.  

Sustainability Focus 

For the collection we choose to utilize eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton and cotton rayon as the main materials. Using cotton rayon is also a new experiment for us to expand our horizon on more eco-friendly fabrics. 

We love how good the material is. Not only does it give the clothes beautiful shapes, it also absorbs the color better. Meaning, the colors wouldn’t fade easily and the clothes could be worn for a longer time. 

Furthermore, to reduce our environmental impact, we produce the collection in limited quantity. We are doing this to ensure each product that we put out will not be going to waste. This is also our effort to be more mindful about the resources we are using in production and to be cautious about the environmental cost of it.