From Rayon to Surplus Fabrics, It's Our Material Evolution Story

From Rayon to Surplus Fabrics, It's Our Material Evolution Story

The landscape of sustainable fashion has continued to grow rapidly throughout the past few years. More people are aware of the pieces that they purchase, and more people are opting to buy towards brands that last or brands that support a sustainable model. Big brands are also making an effort of change, such as Prada’s pioneering, regenerated Re-Nylon pieces. Gucci’s latest Off The Grid collection, utilizing ocean-friendly Econyl. Stella McCartney’s vegan leather, Mylo, lab-grown from mushrooms by scientists.

Here at everyday, we are no different! We’ve continuously tweaked our formula to combine various materials so that we can reduce our environmental impact while providing long-lasting eco-friendly garments. To learn more about everyday’s efforts, we talked to Fian Asfianti, everyday’s Brand Manager about how everyday’s raw materials have evolved;

The Past: How everyday started

“At the beginning, everyday was using cotton, tencel, and rayon as our main materials. Each material is used to make a certain piece. We made sure that the cotton we selected was Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Cotton USA approved. We also chose tencel as it has silk like properties therefore very comfortable to wear. Rayon is also extremely comfortable and compostable.

Throughout 2020-2021, we started to develop our designs and integrate more rayon and tencel since we know how comfortable those materials are. We looked at the materials and started to think about how we can create designs that combine both materials. So in 2021, we started to use both tencel and cotton in several of our collection pieces.

The Present: What we at everyday are doing now

“Starting in 2022, we started to use surplus fabrics from our factories, sourcing them and picking materials that were non-pollyester. While we added this to our so-called ‘arsenal’ of materials, we still continued to develop our designs to further suit the raw materials that we have, mixing materials of cotton, rayon and tencel to our designs. We used the flaws of the materials of tencel and rayon, which can be a little too flimsy and integrating cotton, which is much more study to create styles that are more robust and comfortable at the same time.”

The Future: What we hope to work with and develop more

“The future holds a lot of promise at everyday. We’d love to work with STUFFO again to work on fabrics that are made from leftover plastics. We’d also like to work with denim that’s been reworked so that we can create pieces that are even more unique. We also started to explore the usage of leftover buttons from factories, and integrate them into our existing pieces.”