everyday On-the-Go Essentials

everyday On-the-Go Essentials

The weekend is something everyone looks forward to, and that includes us at the everyday HQ. We love to go out on the weekends to enjoy the city. Yet, walking around town means you gotta be prepared!

Here are some of our favorite things to welcome the weekend outings! These are things that are practical and fun to make you ready for anything that weekend has to offer:

Travel Pouch
When going out, you need something that’s sleek, compact and easy to carry. A travel pouch is a great companion when it comes to weekends!

Travel pouches are great to help organise your bag that might be cluttered with a lot of items. Use your travel pouch to carry chargers and power banks if you need that extra battery power to last through the night or maybe keep your small toiletries in them if you don’t have the chance to get home to freshen up. Personalise that travel pouch to your heart’s content! Make it yours!

This might be a controversial opinion but, aren’t shorts great? They keep your legs cool on a hot summer’s day and don’t you feel more free? Pair it with your favourite white T-shirt or an oversized work shirt, shorts are as flexible as you are when it comes to the weekend!

Our pick for a pair of shorts would be our Imoea Pants Shorts! Whether you keep your pockets closed to have that uniform look or take them out to add a pop of colour on that outfit, our shorts also comes in different colorway that is Imoea Shorts Lantanas. Both will be part of our weekend essentials for a very long time!

Water Bottle
Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate! A refillable water bottle is a great essential to keep around you when you spend the day out on weekends. Whether you want an insulated bottle to keep an ice cold drink or a sports bottle for practicality, find yourself a bottle that suits your needs!

Let's be real, weather has been very unpredictable for the past few months. You can head out of the house in sunny weather and when you arrive at your destination it can be pouring rain. Safe to say, a jacket is a great essential to keep around on the weekends just in case you need to keep warm. Our pick is our Imoea Parka Navy to keep you safe from that unpredictable rain while looking as good as ever!

Here are only some of our weekend essentials! We know that each person differs from one another and has different needs, but we hope that these essentials will help you maximise the enjoyment of your weekend!

Practical Accessories
Spending the day out can be really hot under the Jakarta sun. This is where practical—and cute—accessories come in handy. Get the Carey Bucket Hat or Carey Square Scrunchies to save you from the heat while looking pretty all day long.