In Conversation with: Alayka Seputra

In Conversation with: Alayka Seputra

It is a pleasure for us to have a chance to work with young talents such as Alayka Seputra. Her youthful and vibrant illustrations have inspired us so much. And it is such a joy to see the dialogue between her and our own designer, Prashasta Adiandini, manifested in our collections. Follow our conversation with the young artist about her passion and her love for everyday comfortable wear.

What do you love the most from the process of making art, especially illustration?

I love the amount of expression that can be conveyed through creating art. Whether it’s with painting, sculpting, illustrating (online and offline)—it’s an enjoyment to use all those different methods and techniques to portray the things I want to show to the world. And it’s not only about always having to display something meaningful, or having to advocate for something, but in illustration especially, you can express your interests and passions through simply creating shapes and putting them together.

Though the process is difficult, and much more rigorous than people know, it’s amazing to see how one small sketch can turn into a bunch of colors and dynamic patterns onto a piece of clothing.

Being so young, when do you become so sure about becoming an artist?

I was used to being asked about what I wanted to be when I was older. For some reason, it skyrocketed when I was ten and it’s ridiculous to vividly remember each adult face asking me if I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, businesswoman, CEO, or whatever conventional job they believed I was fit for.

I myself used to believe, actually dead set, that I was going to be a neurosurgeon. But I started to realize that I wasn’t just drawing and painting all these things about what I advocate for, or what I want the world to see from me, just because it was fun—it was a passion. Thus, when I realized that I could actually make a change by doing what I love, which was art, I became fully committed.

In general, what inspired you the most?

The people around me who I care for. Although it’s a cliche, I want them to know that I don’t only count my experiences and put them into art. I count all of theirs, above all others, and try my best to create something out of it that’s a fit for all. I can think of a colour and say that represents one of my friends, or perhaps I’d be thinking of a memory and I’d think about how I shared it with my mother. They all inspire me, not only for art, but for everything I work for.


What makes you excited right now?

My higher education, or my pursuit of it. I guess it’s normal to say that a 17 year old would be excited about university or college, but I’m genuinely extremely pumped to experience complete independence and pursue a field with a major I’ve been waiting my whole life to focus on. Though university applications are frustrating, and has actually caused numerous cries of frustration (with real tears), the satisfaction of knowing I at least worked hard for every single thing that’s on that application, was already enough to make me squeal and shake.


Tell us your day-to-day essential wear?
Definitely my go-to black sweater, kulot pants, v-neck t-shirts, dress pants (casually worn), and every single button-up I own from everyday.

I tend to value comfort a lot, especially since I’m a rather busy person. I like to add on with accessories rather than have statement pieces in the clothing. However, I find that the short sleeve button-ups I own from everyday make any outfit seem more dressed up than it is, and yet it still feels like I’m wearing comfortable pajamas. Especially with the patterns and colors being used, it spices up what usually would be just a button-up and pants, to something even more. But also, I tend to paint a lot, so I can’t risk ruining anything that’s too nice.


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