In Conversation With: Melati Wijsen

In Conversation With: Melati Wijsen
Earlier this year, we visited Youthopia to talk with our collaborator and the ever so inspiring young change maker, Melati Wijsen. The 21 year old was so eager to talk about her recent project, her philosophy to wear fashion more sustainably, and the way it was reflected on our recent collaboration.

What have you been up to?
I’m doing good, I’m really excited for what's to come. I am generally always a very forward thinking person and I get excited especially when the new year’s start to kind of goal set. And the last year for many of us has been challenging but also a space for us to innovate.

We had a really great year when many of our projects came to life. One of those big projects finally where the world could see was a documentary that I took part in called Bigger Than Us. Where I am leading the story, meeting young change makers around the world who are doing incredible projects.
Would you tell us the beginning of this collaboration?
Our collaboration started off on a personal reach out, more like engagement postings. Getting to choose outfits that already existed and sharing that with the community that I have. That collaboration happened mostly because I enjoy the creativity that everyday stands behind as well as the sustainability. For me those two aspects are really key in any collaboration.

Then soon after that we worked really well together and the collaboration turned into a whole bigger scope where it involved creating this small capsule collection.

Nature is a big part of your life, how does it affect your work?
Growing up so close with nature I think for me really shaped who I am as a person. Keeping that in mind, the collection had to reflect that. It has to stand really strongly and really clearly in the clothes that we were creating. A kind of symbol of who I am and I want to share that with everyone who looks at the collection and makes them want to be part of nature too.

How do you incorporate your personal style into the collection?
It was really fun to jump on calls with everyday’s team and get an understanding of behind the scenes to pull a collection together. And what was important was we are reflecting all sorts of different styles.

Knowing my personality and my closets as well, there was always clothes for business savvy meetings and you know a lot of different appointments and gatherings that I have, and also the laid back casual outfits.

So we’re trying to embody that in the styles and the looks that we put together and I really love the outcome because it shows a lot of those different styles

Would you like to explain how sustainable fashion being implemented in this collection?
I’m definitely a big fan of this capsule collection because it wasn’t produced in such big quantities. And I think that also reflects nicely on the work that I do as an activist to not over consume. We’re really trying to be conscious about the sourcing of materials, working with local artists and making sure that they are as creative as they could be. I think that is how we make the sustainable fashion world a little more sustainable.

This for me being a plastic activist now entering the fashion world, am learning so much about the operation. I think the biggest lesson that I learned during this process is how much it takes behind the scenes to put together a collection, to understand and do the research to sourcing the materials, the design process, and working together to understand what to do with the leftovers of the materials. And I'm really happy and proud with how it turned out.

Would you be doing more of this?
It’s definitely a fun creative project, I’d be open to exploring more. But I'm actually happy that this is the first fashion collaboration I ever done.

What makes you excited about the collection and why people should be excited?
I’m in love and i think everyone should be excited because there is something for everyone. Whether you are a business leader or a CEO or person that loves to be here in Bali to go to the beach. There is something for everyone, I’m really excited with the creative side of this collaboration.

Lastly, which ones are your favorite pieces?
The white set because I love to just put it on and feel immediately confident but not too intimidating. You put that on, you walk into a meeting room and you are just welcoming and confident.

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