Laundry Tips For A Longer Lasting Wardrobe

Laundry Tips For A Longer Lasting Wardrobe

We’re constantly trying to take care of our clothes so that they will last longer. At everyday, we truly believe that clothes should be made to last and should be taken care of. Everyone has their own unique wardrobe with their own stories. Preserving garments is one way to keep these sentimental moments that are attached to these pieces.

One of the best ways to keep your garments longer is doing your own laundry. It’s easy for you to pass these garments to your helper or just to chuck them in the laundry bin, but paying attention to your laundry can keep your garments at their best quality For a longer period

Here are some laundry tips for you to help maintain your garments!

Carry a Stain Removal Pen or Wipe
The best way to treat stains is to remove them as quickly as possible. Carrying wipes or stain removal pens is a great way to remove those accidental stains that happen at those inconvenient times. Alcohol wipes are also a viable option to use in emergency circumstances. Although these pens are great, they are but a temporary measure. When you get home, inspect those stains and decide if they need to be cleaned in the laundry.

Read Laundry Labels
It’s easy for us to just throw laundry in the machine without reading the instructions since we think that most of the clothes we wear are treated the same. However, the care labels in each of those differ from each other. Those care labels are essential to helping maintain the quality of those garments. Once you’ve done your laundry more frequently, you’ll get used to the garments itself and will be accustomed to the process.


Close Those Buttons and Zip Those Zips
Buttoning and zipping your garments during your wash will less likely cling onto other fabrics during the washing process. Having other garments hooked onto others can damage the condition of these garments. Having those garments zipped or buttoned up while washing inside out can preserve the condition of the outer finish and limit colour fading.


Never Cram the Washer
Cramming the laundry machine full of garments may seem it's the easiest and fastest way to get the laundry done, however it can be very harmful for the garments itself. Garments that are crammed together do not get cleaned as thoroughly and secondly, rubbing between garments can lead to deterioration.

Mesh Bags for Delicates
Mesh bags let through water and detergent while washing and protects your delicates from other garments. Putting baby clothes inside these mesh bags can also help you identify where they are since they might be extra small.

Wash at Low Temperatures
There are certain fabrics that will shrink or stretch when washed with hot water. Hot water also helps lock stains into fabrics. Try washing your garments in lower temperatures, but make sure that it is compatible with the tags on the garments itself.

Using a dryer also can lead to damage in fabrics if cycled in high heat.