Product Care to Extend Your Knitwear Goods

Product Care to Extend Your Knitwear Goods

Knitwear is versatile, it can be dressed up, dressed down and even used as a layering piece to an outfit. With an abundance of styles, colors and patterns, knitwear can become a statement piece to anyone's style. What’s better than staying stylishly cozy with your favourite knitwear sweater?

Indeed, investing in a piece of knitwear is a great idea to anyone who wants to have a flexible wardrobe. However, knitwear can be fragile as it is prone to both stretch and shrink.

Here are some tips that can help you extend the life of your knitwear goods;

How To Wash Knitwear?

Knitwear comes in different forms and one of the most common differences is the material that they are made from. Most common knitwear is made of cashmere, cotton or wool. Each fabric requires different methods on how to wash them

Cashmere can be very daunting as it usually is an expensive fabric, therefore you might be scared to wash the piece. However, fear not, cashmere pieces are able to be washed, to a certain degree. We recommend you to wash cashmere pieces less, as they have the tendency to shrink.

Yet, if you want to strive for that shrinked look, throw your knitwear into the dryer in high heat, it will achieve this look! However, if this isn’t what you want, we recommend avoiding the dryer at all times. If you need to wash, you can wash it in the washing machine in delicate mode or woollen cycle with cashmere shampoo or wash it by hand with the shampoo, we recommend the latter

Wool Knitwear will usually say that they are able to be cleaned in the washing machine, however we hope that you take this lightly. If you do end up using the washing machine, make sure it's in a gentle cycle and at a cool temperature. Using a mild soap with low PH is also a great idea. We also recommend that hand washing is a safer option.

Cotton knitwear is the easiest to wash, it can just be put in the washing machine without any fear of shrinkage.

These are only suggestions that can help you alleviate any wear and tear to your knitwear. To find out more about how you can preserve your knitwear and what it is made of, check the wash tag located either on the side inseams of your piece or the tag on your inside collar.

How to dry knitwear?

The best way to dry your knitwear is to lay them flat. Using a drying rack may help lose the knitwear’s shape. To correct any imperfections of shape, when damp, stretch the knitwear gently.

Storing knitwear?

Storing knitwear is as easy as folding it nicely and storing it in your closet. We recommend not hanging any knitwear since it can stretch out the fabric and ruin its shape.

Though it might be daunting at first, knitwear care is not as complicated as it’s rumoured to be. Knitwear care is just as simple as taking care of a t-shirt with a few extra steps.


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