How Do You Practice Sustainable Fashion?

How Do You Practice Sustainable Fashion?
Leading a Zero-Waste lifestyle can be a challenging ordeal. It requires commitment and a lifestyle change that can seem like a tall order to fulfil! However, putting it into perspective that in 2019 alone, 92 million tonnes of garment waste is produced by the retail industry, living a sustainable lifestyle is the best way to preserve our future in the grand scheme of things.
One of the best ways to start becoming a more sustainable individual is to recycle your clothes. Recycling clothes is a great way to start your journey on becoming a close to zero waste individual. Recycling your clothes can lead to less carbon and methane emissions, which are very harmful to the atmosphere.

More importantly, some materials used in modern clothing are non-biodegradable and can last a lifetime and will impacting our living environment. Recycling your clothes is a great way to minimize of these impacts.

Here are some of our tips to help you recycle your clothes.

Labels and Its Uses
One of the best ways to find out if your clothes can be recycled are reading the labels. These labels contain valuable informations, which may indicate where your item was made and the materials it was made of. 

These informations were prove vital when it comes to recycling your garments. This will help you identify if your clothes are able to be re-used safely, remanufactured and if the item is biodegradable without ruining the environment.

Donating Old Clothes and Fabrics
The fastest way for you to get rid of the clothes that you want to recycle is finding programs that would receive your old clothes. There are various charitable organisations that would gladly accept your preloved items for a good cause.

There are brands as well who would gladly take your pre-loved items, even us! Programs such as our ‘Don’t waste, Donate!’ would repurpose your clothes and breathe new life into them. Click here to learn more about the program.

Recycling your clothes is not limited to just giving your clothes away, it’s also participating in that cycle of buying clothes that have been pre-loved. We know that thrifting is all in the rage at this moment, and we love that!

Buying pre-loved items or thrifting is a great way of recycling clothes! Finding hidden gems in that bargain bin is such a nice feeling, whether its a pair of vintage jeans that fit you just right or your favourite band’s t-shirt, thrifting is a great way for you to incorporate circularity mindset when it comes to fashion.

Recycling your clothes and contributing to its cause can help the environment in such a big way. As long as you avoid sending your old clothes into a landfill, you’re already doing your part on keeping fashion sustainable and saving our one and only home!